Secured Loans

A secured loan or second charge is finance borrowed in addition to a pre-existing mortgage. Secured loans are only available to homeowners and work in the same way as a mortgage, with the credit placed against the value of the property. Although there are some similarities between a secured loan and a mortgage, the two products are completely separate. A secured loan is a different product to a further advance on an existing mortgage that you may have. We can refer you to a panel of specialist providers.

Debt Management

Personal debt in the UK has exceeded 1 trillion, increasing by 1 million every 4 minutes! With almost 300 people becoming insolvent every day, free access to effective debt management solutions is critical. If you find yourself in a position where borrowing more money to consolidate your existing finance is becoming too expensive, or if you are no longer able to arrange more credit, you may well be eligible for a debt solution. If you cannot afford your debts, bankruptcy doesn't have to be your only option. Are you aware of the debt solutions available within the UK, including debt management plans or Individual Voluntary Arragements (IVAs)?

We can show you your options and refer you to a specialist on our panel if it's the most suitable choice for your situation.

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Secured Loans and Debt Management are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.